Pre Order

Q: What is a pre order:

A: Pre order means that you can order our products before anything else. That means you are one of the first to receive these products.


Q: Why pre order is good for you:

A: You get products at a discounted price that can be reduced by up to 30%.


Q: When do we deliver products that have been pre-ordered?

A: you will receive these products within 20 days.


Q: Are the pre-order products only manufactured when they are ordered by me.

A: No, by pre-order you receive the products that have already been tested by us, these products have already been ordered and are on their way to us.


Q: What are the problems with pre order:

A: There can be delays, these can arise from the dispatch to us or from the dispatch to you.


Q: What can I do if the ordered product is not delivered within the promised period?

A: After a period of max. 30 days, you can request a refund. This can be in the form of a credit or on the way as you paid.


Q: Can I convert my pre-order products that I have ordered into another order during the waiting time.

A: Our support team is happy to be at your disposal here, in this case you will receive a credit note within 24 hours that you can redeem immediately.


Q: Who can do pre order.

A: Everyone who is interested in our products.


Q: How much can be ordered by pre-order.

A: Order value per product maximum $ 500.